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Home Affordability Reinvented by Grow Nest Egg LLC ®

NEWARK, Del., June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ –The “Home Buyer Compass app by Grow Nest Egg®” helps individuals to find out the home value they can truly afford based on their monthly cash flow of take-home pay and all living expenses (including but not limited to monthly debt).
This calculator is different from other home affordability calculators in the market today. Other calculators compute the home value the individuals may be able to get qualified for by the lender based on their gross monthly income and total monthly debt. However, their monthly debt may be small but they may have other large expenses such as medical, travel and child care expenses. Alternatively, their gross income may be high but their take-home pay may be small due to maximizing on 401k contributions. In these cases, the home value they can truly afford may be very different from what the lenders qualify them for.

This calculator also provides individuals with the home value that the lender may qualify them for, so they can compare what the lender may qualify them for and what they can truly afford.


Grow Nest Egg® Launches Personal Finance Apps to Assist Individuals in Achieving Financial Goals

NEWARK, Del., May 10, 2019 ( – Grow Nest Egg’s mission is to provide easy-to-use financial planning tools to help individuals grow their nest egg so they can achieve their financial goals, including funding a college education, owning a home and retiring early.

“Our vision is to make personal finance dreams a reality for everyone. With the right set of financial tools, anyone can have a clear picture of their finances and will be able to lay out the most effective plan to achieve their financial goals,” said Rekha Chidipothu, founder of Grow Nest Egg®.

Grow Nest Egg® has launched the mobile apps “When Can I Retire” and “When Can I Retire Pro” in the Apple Store.

These unique calculators help individuals to find out when they will be able to retire based on their financial circumstances. Unlike with the other retirement calculators in the market today, people do not have to guess and input their retirement age.

Early retirement is a possibility for everyone with a structured retirement savings plan regardless of income. Diversified investment of the retirement savings over a long period of time with the compounding effect can do the magic to retire early. The retirement plan can be simple, starting off with a small retirement savings contribution but increasing it by a set percentage each year to achieve the retirement goal.