About Us

We believe everyone should be on the road to financial independence and we make that possible through our innovative apps.


What We Stand for

We are passionate about making personal finance dreams a reality for everyone. We provide easy-to-use financial planning apps to grow your nest egg so you can achieve your financial goals, including funding a college education, owning a home, and retiring early.

With the right set of financial tools, you can have a clear picture of your finances, and you will be able to lay out the most effective plan to achieve your financial goals.

The Story Behind
Grow Nest Egg!

Grow Nest Egg was founded with a clear mission to empower and help people grow their nest eggs to live the American dream. We believe anyone can grow their net worth and achieve financial independence with the right financial strategies, regardless of income. We make financial planning affordable for everyone so they can build their wealth and be prosperous.

We noticed a significant issue in the existing retirement planning apps available in the market today – they require you to guess your retirement age. We addressed that gap by launching a one-of-a-kind retirement app that calculates your realistic retirement age when you can retire. This way, you will not be blindsided by where you stand now on saving for your retirement.


Meet Our Team

Rekha Chidipothu is on a mission to help people grow their nest eggs to achieve financial independence. She is passionate about finding innovative ways to make that possible. She has served as Vice President at JP Morgan Chase & Co and has been with that company for 12 years.

Rekha Chidipothu

CEO & Founder