When Can We Retire

When Can We Retire - Retirement Age Calculator

Lets couples find out when they will be able to retire together. Unlike with the other calculators, you do not need to guess and input your retirement age.

Use this unique calculator to know when you and your spouse can retire together based on your financial circumstances.

This app is designed for the individuals who may have an employer-sponsored retirement plan 401K, may contribute to the IRA and may also have additional taxable retirement savings such as cash and investments.

This calculator helps you and your spouse plan for early retirement. It lays out a clear picture of your finances with the pre-retirement plan and post-retirement plan. You can email your pre-retirement plan and post-retirement plan in tabular and graphical views to yourself or others.

You can share this app via email, Facebook and Twitter from within the app. This app will save your inputs across the launches upon successful calculation.

You can download this app from Apple Store.