A Cut Above The Rest

Our retirement calculators are different from the other retirement calculators in the market today. Other calculators require you to guess and input your retirement age and let you know whether your savings will be sufficient to retire at that age or not. Our retirement apps are unique in that you can find out the age when you will be able to retire without any trial and error. With a clear picture of when you will be able to retire, you can make any necessary adjustments to your current retirement savings plan to achieve the goal of early retirement.

Home Affordability Reinvented

Our home affordability calculator is more realistic than the rest of the home affordability calculators in the market. With the other calculators, you can know the home value that the lenders qualify you for. However, the home value that lenders may qualify you for is not necessarily what you can truly afford. Lenders qualify you based on your gross monthly income and monthly liabilities. Your liabilities may be small but you may have large monthly expenses such as medical, travel, entertainment and child care expenses. Due to saving for retirement, your take-home pay may be small even though your gross income may be high. You may need to set aside savings each month for the emergency fund or for future personal goals. Our home affordability app calculates the mortgage payment, loan amount and the home value that you can truly afford based on your monthly cash flow of take-home pay, all living expenses, and savings. With a more realistic view of what you can afford, you can rest assured that your home ownership is going to be rewarding and will not turn out to be burdensome.